“Not only is Flamingo intricately designed with modern interface elements and superb use of colors, it also features some fantastically executed animations and transitions that make it an absolutely delight to use.”
“In short? Flamingo is a luxury app if I've ever heard of one, but if you can afford it, I'd highly recommend it. I use it every day and I think it's a fantastic addition to my Mac's arsenal.”
“Messages for Mac may support a few different chat services, but there are still a variety of features that would vastly improve the experience of messaging on the Mac. Flamingo is a new app designed to make chatting even better with a whole host of features you didn't even realize you were missing.”
“Flamingo is a new messenger app available for Mac OS X that combines Google Hangouts/Gtalk, Facebook Chat, and XMPP. While you can link some services like Gtalk to the native messages app itself, you don't get the gorgeous interface and experience Flamingo provides.”