The following privacy policy is subject to change without notice in the future.

Flamingo does not collect and transmit your private data anywhere. Messages sent and received through Flamingo are transmitted through a direct connection to the respective instant messaging services and are not routed through any intermediary. Flamingo only acts as a client application with no server side component and your data is only stored locally on disk. In other words, we have absolutely no access to any of your private data, including messages, contacts, and files. However, you are subject to the privacy policies of any third party services utilized through Flamingo, which may choose to store your data server side.

While no private data is ever sent to us, crash reports are submitted automatically with an anonymous system profile (no identifying information).

File Transfer
Direct Connection
As its name implies, Direct Connection file transfer uses a direct network socket connection to the target computer to transfer files, without the use of a third party.
CloudApp and Droplr
By using these third party services for file transfer, you are subject to their privacy policies.
Messaging Services
Google's privacy policy can be found here. Google can store your chat history server side. More information on this feature is available here. Regardless of your server side chat history preference, history will still be stored locally on disk by Flamingo.
Facebook's privacy policy can be found here. All Facebook message history is automatically stored by Facebook and must be removed manually through your Facebook account if necessary.